Learning Prayer and Duas

The foremost and essential Ruk’n of Islam is Salah (Prayer). This course focuses on understanding what we mean when we pray. It is vital for us to know what we are saying when talking to Allah S.W.T in our prayer.


  • Advanced understanding of the Holy Quran.
  • Understanding of the background and perspective of every Surah.


This course has been designed for students of all types. Anyone can start this amazing course about the Holy Quran to better understand it.


This course features many exciting elements starting with a holistic introduction of the Holy Quran. The details of every essential component that make up the whole Quran including the number of Surahs, Verses, Manzil, Siparahs. This course also entails information about the longest Surah and verse and the shortest Surah and verse of the Holy Quran. Followed by some really fascinating facts about Holy Quran. Then we have the heartwarming stories from the Holy Quran that will be thoroughly discussed during this course. And at the end, the detailed understanding about the Prophets that have been addressed in the Quran.


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